Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So I just started a SAGA Edition Star Wars game. I am pretty excited about about the campaign. I have been running Star Wars since the old West End Games version. The storyline I have set up ended around the time of Return of the Jedi. I have started this the new game in the New Republic era. I will try to put up the session summaries and notes on how I think the game in going. Hopefully I will be able to (see "the Challenge" post). Anyway, to start with, here is the opening scrawl...

Agents of the New Republic
Episode 1: The Hutt’s Throne

The Emperor is dead. His two projects of tyranny, the second Death Star and Sovereign Station with their darksider’s Darth Vader and Imperial Guardian Ta’lon defeated with him. Now the Empire, once the great evil in the galaxy, is fractured and criminals and warlords from across space fight for the ideals of the Empire or their own greed.
With the galaxy in the throes of a new civil war, a fledgling government and its agents stand strong against tyranny, greed, malevolence and the still real power of the Dark Side. The New Republic fights to push back the darkness and lead the sentients of the stars into a lasting peace.
A year after the Emperor’s death, a small group of New Republic agents joins the fight on the world of Almarsh in the Trityri Region. Homeworld of Morrigan Trechki, Almarsh was once a jewel of the old republic until the Clone Wars and the Empire. Now others have claimed the world and are loath to give it up. The agents must fight their way through opposition to destroy the Imperial shield controls and capture leader Sagrin Leer. But is his throne one of power or servitude.
More to come. Really... I mean it... Hopefully...


geekygamerchick said...

Hopefully? Lol!

AA Wulf said...

*whispers to Ellen* So what was our mission again?

Reading the scrawl, I don't feel QUITE so bad about this, as I realize now I didn't blank out for much of it...pretty much I only missed the LAST SENTENCE!

Good luck, sir, I hope you keep posting stuff about the game, I think it's going to be amazing!