Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2:18 am on a Wednesday!

Well I used to have a follower who was someone I did not personally know. I also used to be in an old friend's link area on his blog. Now... No more link and only two followers. One follower being my girlfriend. So really no one is going to read this. Ha. That is what I get for not posting for... Well is it over a year now? I guess I can add this blog to my LiveJournal pages I have not used in so long I forgot the passwords to. Well this is not a promise but maybe I will post something once in a while. Maybe I will post words at 2:18 am on a Wednesday when I can't sleep. Like, well... now.

I haven't been doing much gaming of late. No job and being in a play has kind of killed the hobby for me right now. I have a few campaigns? games? stories? distractions in the works. One is a Greyhawk game using the Pathfinder system. The second one is a DC Adventures game and the third is a Star Wars game with my girlfriend's boy. If I get the energy, maybe I will post about them. Maybe I will post about other things I enjoy like TV, comics, books and the sound of a fan as I sleep (it is so soothing). We shall see. If you read this, post a comment. I will get a kick out of seeing others as bored as I am.