Thursday, September 17, 2009

Star Wars: AotNR Session 1

Yeahhhhh! Second post on the Star Wars SAGA game! Anyway…

I have 4 players. 4 is my ideal number of players for a game by the way. So what do we have in the group?

Morrigan Trechki: A human 1st level Noble / 1st level Jedi
P’Qweedan Qoocina: A Rodian 1st level Scout
Tao Vaash: A Togruta 1st level Scoundrel
K-P0N: A 3rd degree droid 1st level Noble

So after the scroll played across the screen, the space view faded to black. The view is then filled with a red light revealing the 4 main characters. The audience finds them in a New Republic Troop Transport with the only sound the whine of the repulsor engines. (Maybe the players can describe their characters’ look in detail in the comments section?)

Then the pilot signals the ready and the side doors of the transport slide open to an X-Wing-Tie fighter battle in the skies, a vast city with the look of a stone-made Coruscant and a storm raging around them. Jumping from the transport to a city walkway, the heroes are immediately fired on by a group of Imperial Stormtroopers. After a short battle,* the players captured a technician and brought down the shield controls. They then moved through the building and captured Sagrin Leer after being confronted by a couple Stormtroopers and Super Battle Droids. They also spy Leer speaking with a holographic Grudda the Hutt as he washes his hands of the spice addicted Leer.

After some discussion, Morrigan takes the heroes to back her up as she speaks with her brother Gage, leader of the Novas, an Almarsh based Swoop Gang linked to Grudda’s organization. Meeting at The Pit, a bar in the mid-levels, Morrigan sits with her brother, a rancor of a human with a long scar down the side of his face, as the others spread out. The conversation with Gage was short; he did not want to stick his neck out for the New Republic agents without some more assurances from Morrigan about his people’s safety. He also continued to show his displeasure of Morrigan leaving him and their younger brother to join the rebellion.

During the talk, P’Qweedan Qoocina strikes up a conversation with a pair of female Zabrak twins**. After bribing and flirting with the twins, Qoocina thinks he can get more information about Grudda’s operation at the black market of the world. Now he plans to acquire some illicit goods to aid in the endeavor.

As they were leaving The Pit, Morrigan spoke with a bounty hunter from her past that mentioned he would be seeing her soon… And that was the end of the session.

Dramatic Persona

Gage Trechki: Leader of the Swoop Gang Novas. Morrigan’s older brother.
Grudda the Hutt: Head of the criminal element on Almarsh and beyond.
Jodo Kast: Dangerous bounty hunter from Morrigan’s past.
Sagrin Leer: Imperial official in the thrall of Grudda.

* The battle had some frustrating moments. The dice were not with the players. After a lot of misses on both sides, the Stormtroopers were defeated. I think 2 of the players took a Second Wind during this initial fight. The Jedi player also found her grove I think when she was able to drop her blaster and pull her lightsaber. Having stated she thought she would be better with a blaster in her hand, she was having more fun slashing and being able to try deflection. I was pleasantly surprised she could deflect so well at a low level (granted she only needed to deflect one attack a round usually because I was coordinating attacks a lot). It made the game feel like Star Wars quickly to me.

** This happened because the player saw 2 identical Zabrak minis on the battlemat and thought up the NPCs on the fly. I thought the inspiration was great and will be putting the Zabrak twins in the game in some way in the future. So minis can actually help the creative process out of a combat encounter. Cool.


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