Monday, March 17, 2008


So I had two dreams last night. Like I said, this stuff will not be interesting to more that 99.9% of the population. Anyway...

The first dream had Willie Aames in it (if you don't know who he is google him). Your guess is as good as mine. Thankfully I don't remember much of that one.

The second was a little odd. I was sitting in my childhood church with current friends. I was actually feeling good being there I think. Then the priest started lecturing about those who are so bad they couldn't be at the church and they had to leave. I remember looking around to see who they were. Then a group of people in the row behind me got up and started to leave the church in a line. They were all wearing hot red high school letter jackets. On the back of the jackets were dirty titles (like scarlet letter style). They all left and I was then sitting in a different area of the building. The priest comments that the people who left need to take their stuff with them. So all these people come back and the rows are full of assorted items the people are gathering. One comes up beside me and asks if I can give them the item next to me. I look down and there is an unopened Foghat album next to me. I pick it up and decide I want to keep it. Then my alarm goes off.

Like I said, your guess is as good as mine. I don't think I ever really heard a Foghat song before.

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