Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gamer Therapy 1

So I am going to graduate from college soon and I am freaking out! What am I freaking about? What game I should run!* I have been a gamer for a number of years and before college was spoiled by a playerbase who I could always count on to humor me in by GM tastes. Since being in college however, I have not had much time to devote to my number one pastime. Don't get me wrong, there have been a couple gems in the past four years. The best being a D6 Space game I played in at the FLGS. But me, running games, one on even a semester basis? Yeah, NO.
I have been keeping up with the game industry during college (read: buying and reading gamebooks). Over the past for years I have acquired an impressive array of game material for someone not playing. Let us see... I have picked up (in a Golem like way yeessss) books related to Star Trek, Star Wars, Serenity, Shadowrun, D6 Rulebooks, Traveler, Immortal and a number of GURPS books. I have also been converted into an Inde Press lover and purchased Burning Wheel, Nine Worlds, Mortal Coil, Agon, Polaris, Conspiracy of Shadows, Spirit of the Century, Don't Rest Your Head, Primetime Adventures and Dust Devils. 18 different games. 18! By the way, those are the games I remember.

What is a guy to do? I feel like I am going to EXPLODE (yes I used all caps) with game need. I have ideas for stories galor. Where do I start? What do I do? No one can run all of this. I jump from game to game faster than a news channel after a pop star. I have them, I have to use them.

Lastly, I hope the players are still there. We had a lot of fun in the past right? I believe there are more wonders to behold. When I get home, let's take a journey together.

Ok. I feel a little better.

* Well I am concerned about other aspects of graduating college. I just am not going to discuss them in "Gamer Therapy". :)


Dr-Rotwang said...

Well, as someone who also purchases and reads more games than he can ever run in a million billion jillion years, here's what I suggest:

Just fall in love with one.

Thanks for the kind words about the D6 game, by the way. Good to know I wasn't the only one having fun.

Black Armos said...

Fall in love with just one?? Wow, I think that is a tall order Doc. How did you do it? Which one did you fall for? I would love it to be GURPS but I don't think it could happen. The system just seems so daunting.

No problem. Your game was one of the highlights of the last 4 years.

Dr-Rotwang said...

*shrug* I have a bunch of favorites and I cycle through them.

You're not marrying the game.