Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stargate vs Star Wars Gaming?

Well I am in a bind. I have thought it over and for a major game this summer and beyond(read: about once a week) I would like to run either Stargate: SG-1 D20 or Star Wars D6. There are reasons I would like to run both of the games.

Stargate: Ok, I think the game is well constructed with only a few flaws. I ran a campaign using the rules which lasted for about a year and a half. I love the setting. Stargate combines two of my favorite genres: military and ancient civilizations. The setting is also based on modern day heroes so familiarity for the players is high. The premise allows for fast action, discovery and emotional storylines. If I were to run the game, here are the ideas for campaigns I have...

1) Redoing the whole thing. The stargate is recently discovered. The players are the first to go thru the gate. My own stargate universe* entirely.

2) Starting later in the show. Maybe starting the game in season 6, 7 or 8. The characters would probably be a new SG team or a new SG-1 after something happens to the old team. This game would tentatively follow the plots of the show with obvious changes because of the players.

Star Wars: Once again, I really like the system and see only a few flaws. I ran a campaign with this game for about 7 years (on and off). I really like this setting too. It is the best in high adventure and big space battles, both things I love it for. It does seem at times it loses the human element that Stargate does so well. But can you really care with the joy of facing down a fleet of Imperial ships or that Dark Jedi? If I were to run this game, here are the ideas for campaigns I have...

1) The creation of a starfighter group with the characters as the main pilots. This campaign would be set at the start of the rebellion as the players work to build the Rebel Alliance in their region.

2) The characters are a smuggling group. Inspirations for this game are the Han Solo Adventures and the Firefly tv show. Whether the deal goes bad, the Imperials are on your tail or the Alliance needs your help, AGAIN... just keep flying.

3) Continue the campaign I have run for the last decade. This would take the game into the New Republic era. A few characters would be returning and would need to be converted back from D20 to D6 Star Wars. This would create a little logistics problem for the old and new characters however as the old characters have been played in the setting for some time.

Well if you are interested in gaming with me, go ahead and tell me what you think!

*Not to be confused with "Stargate: Universe", the new spin-off series. I am serious, look it up. I can wait.


The Ameliorated One said...

I would lean towards Star Wars 2nd option, but then I'm in a Serenity mood as of late. Also my schedule is a little wacked. Maybe I could be a guest starring role. That would be cool for me.

Dr-Rotwang said...

You run either one and my wife and I are there. We're both fans of both worlds (kind of an understatement actually), and we'd even stoop to playing a d20 game just to get in the 'gate.

Of course we would have to arrange babysitting as well. But me, I'm sick of running and never playing.

Anonymous said...

Really, I would like to play either Star Wars OR Stargate. Having played in both games in the past, I know the amount of thought and work that has gone into both. My preference would be using the d-6 version of Star Wars if we are to do it. Stargate... I would like to play in the world (even slightly revamped) the group left off in. Even to the point of playing the same characters. The game ended rather abruptly and feels unfinished and I hate that feeling. And selfishly speaking, I REALLY liked the concept of the character I was playing as well as the dynamic of the team. I know that team would change slightly, but with SOME carry over the dynamic may be able to stay the same.

Star wars. Hmmm... I would be up for anything there. It would be cool to play in the New republic era with the established game. But really... I like Star Wars enough that anything would do. Again, selfishly speaking, I liked the character I WAS playing. *shrug* I am selfish that way... As well as lazy. However, In either senario I would be willing to make a new character just to be able to play.

A whole lot of words to say very little... I apologize to all.