Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sweep the leg...

You know. I always liked the movie Karate Kid. But come on, Daniel? You have to be kidding me. Whether it was the actor or the part, I never was able to relate.

Now Johnny on the other hand. The blonde guys are always the bullies. Am I wrong? Poor guy. All he wanted to do was get fit and hangout with his friends. Was it his fault his father figure was such a jerk? I think if we are to examine Johnny Lawrence's life, evidence of a broken home will be revealed.

With this in mind, let us view his relationship with his girlfriend. Having some personal issues, he may have lashed out at those he loved. Then what does Ali do, does she try to help Johnny through his troubles? No, she leaves him for the first tool that comes along. What damage that did to Johnny we may never know. And we should remember that Ali leaves Daniel for a college guy by the summer, how healthy could she have been for Johnny anyway.

With all this working against our hero, he still doesn't want to hurt Daniel (the tool) in the end. I mean, look into his eyes when so-called Master Kreese orders him to "sweep the leg". Even as some of his friends are in agreement with Kreese, Johnny shows strong reluctance and some fear. Just look into his eyes. Then showing great humility with everything life has thrown him, he hands the trophy to Daniel. What a role model.

So Johnny, sweep the leg. We all make mistakes, but heroes learn from them and become stronger. Thank you.

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