Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Dawn Has Come!

I am pretty excited. Dawn of Legends is out. I am looking over it and will be reviewing it soon.

This is from a post on the Pinnacle Forums...

Dawn of Legends is now live at!

The 283 page, full-color PDF is chocked full of savage goodness.

Explore the world of Neo Earth beginning with the world famous City of Legends. Discover the new point-build, effects-based powers system allowing for heroes from street-vigilantes to galactic power-houses. Modify your powers with over 30 Power Enhancements, 30 Power Drawbacks, and 20 Power Boosters. Create your own powers with the same easy-to-use formula used by the actual designers. Dozens of new Edges and Hindrances. New uses for bennies, new comic book maneuvers, and new rules for Super-Teams and Popularity.

A completely open setting, tell the type of story you want to tell. Explore the world, be a hero! Dawn of Legends also has free online support! A first set of 16 new Adventure Cards and GM Screen Insert are available now; with several one-sheets and a Character Folio coming this weekend.

Then in March, look for: Power Play: a free plot-point campaign with plenty more to follow. NCB Files: a free web-enhancement containing a total of 12 new Champions and 18 new Rogues, fully illustrated in full-color! Beginning this summer, watch for the first Dawn of Legends sourcebook: Inside Solitaire!

This darkness could not last forever, the dawn is here . . . the Dawn of Legends!

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