Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Traveller Characters

Sorry about yesterday. I was a little sick. Anyway, the other day I got out my little black book. Yes, I mean Traveller. Having not picked it up in YEARS, my girlfriend and I decided to make some characters. She liked it so much, she wanted to make two (that is a real feat). Now I do not know if we did it right but here is the fruit of our labors.

1) Ex-Other 467856 Age 30 3 terms Cr 50,000
Blade Combat (Blade, Cutlass) - 1, Jack of All Trades - 1, Streetwise - 1 Gun

2) Ex-Army 31010399 Age 34 4 terms Cr 20,000
Vechicle (Winged Craft) - 1, Gambling - 1, Blade Combat (Cutlass) - 1 High Psg

3) Scout 679835 Age 22 1 term
Vac Suit - 1, Vechicle (Winged Craft) - 1

Sadly, number 3 died in service. It must be said that her contribution to the galaxy was great and noble. She will be missed. Don't forget her. She will live on in us.

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