Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Dawn is Coming!

Cupcake number 2!

This Darkness cannot last forever. The dawn is coming . . . the Dawn of Legends!

Dawn of Legends is a new setting for the popular Savage Worlds license, bringing four-color super-heroic action to Pinnacle Entertainment's award winning role-playing game.
With a new, fully-customizable effects-based powers system designed to remain true to the fast, furious, fun of Savage Worlds, Dawn of Legends lets you don the cape and tights and battle crime wherever it is needed.
Inside the more than 256 pages are:
Over 40 new Edges, 20 new Hindrances, 6 Super-Team Edges, 5 Super-Team Hindrances.
More than 100 Powers, 30 Power Enhancements, 30 Power Drawbacks, 20 Power Boosters, and the complete rules for creating brand new powers using the exact formula used by the Designers.

Check it out at Daring Entertainment or Daring Visions to the left. The last cupcake tomorrow.

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